Collaboration is Key:
After a thorough exploration of our clients' needs and desires, we start every project with a whole-office charette, getting lots of ideas out on the table quickly. Every Boxwoodie weighs in and explores design directions. This allows us to remain flexible in our approach, and gives the client several solutions to choose from and then refine. The trick is leaving space for the ideas we haven't had yet.
Play is Necessary:
Every project needs a dash of fun in it. That's why we select an overarching concept to work into our designs in some manner, big or small, each year. Sometimes these details are evident immediately, but often they take some time to discover. The same goes for our fun - sometimes we jump into an afternoon ping pong game, but other times we may just sneak a picture of one of us into an architectural rendering and see who notices first.
Our Team is Bigger than Boxwood
Boxwood has established relationships with some of the most forward-thinking and sustainable consulting firms out there. Developing integrated designs that work intuitively for our clients is made possible with early collaboration between design disciplines - whether that means engineers, general contractors, programmers, printers, marketing strategists, or fabricators. One thing you can count on is being surprised.
Our Work Speaks for Itself
Our work is intentionally diverse, keeping our design perspective fresh. This approach has led to numerous design awards and recognition worldwide, as well as publications about our architectural and graphic design work. Additionally, almost all of our work comes from repeat clients and referrals. A plaque on the wall is one thing, but a personal recommendation from a satisfied customer is the greatest compliment.

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